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Break Up! And Find Love... is a pair matching game where you must break lovers couple to match them with their real soul mate. It can be played on both desktop and tablets even though it was designed for touch screen in the first place.

That game is inspired by the theme from the 1st episode of the Super Game Jam documentary (the theme was indeed 'Breakup') where the actual outcome was a racing game.

I was a bit frustrated that the developers dodged the theme and decided to make an attempt at making a game that is about a serious topic but with a light-hearted setting. Sometimes you have to take a difficult decision to break up with someone to find the real love.

This is the game I currently spend most of time on and I'm now publishing a feedback build on itch.io to gather feedback and prepare communication around the game before launching it on Google Play and Appstore.

Install instructions

This is the first publicly available feedback build of 'Break Up! And Find Love...' for Windows and OSX.

It features the first 2 chapters that introduce the main game mechanics.

Please reach out to me via Twitter (@ashtom_gva) or in the comments section below if you have any questions, remarks or any feedback in general for me to improve the game as much as I can.

Thanks in advance for trying it!

I'm looking forward to your feedback!


Break Up! Feedback Build - Oct. 4th 2015 - Windows 4 MB
Break Up! Feedback Build - Oct. 4th 2015 - OSX 5 MB

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